Our Team

Expat Media Pro is a collaboration of media professionals who agree to the standards which make us a bit different from others. We are people of faith, networked in one common purpose who believe that dignity is paramount in anything we produce. Each of our Expat Media Pros is an independent contractor and has their own individual availabilities, skills, geographical areas of work and prices. Our media professionals mostly fall into three categories:

  1. “Expat Media Pros” who are sent out under our organization
  2. “Associates” who we network with but don’t have a stake in our company
  3. “Candidates” who are seeking placement in short or long-term capacity

Advisory Board


Tim Cowley – photo/video/social media. Tim is the founder of Expat Media Pro and spent 13 years working in sub saharan Africa in development and media. He now lives in Portland, Oregon and oversees Expat Media Pro. Tim is married to Brazilian-raised Naomi and they have 4 kids who consider themselves Mozambicans. He obtained a Masters of Arts in Digital Storytelling from Asbury University and is the author of Marketing Your Overseas Non-Profit. He continues to produce media and offers consultancy and ongoing retainer deals with groups who are looking for someone to help with their own social and visual media needs. His recent ongoing documentary film project is Sick in Africa. [Facebook | Instagramabout.me]

Theresa Hodge – photo/video. Theresa Hodge is a native Montanan who now finds herself living and working in Spain. Since earning her AA in Visual Communications Theresa spent 20 years as a graphic designer. She worked for advertising agencies and publications in both Montana and Arizona. For the past 7 years Theresa has been living and working in Spain. She has made the transition to filmmaking and is creating media for North Africa. Although she must work in all aspects of filmmaking she finds her passion in the roles of cinematographer and director of photography. When Theresa is not behind the camera for work you will find her rock climbing, hiking, or traveling with her photography camera in hand. Theresa’s passion is to see God’s beauty in all of His creation and to effectively communicate it to others. [Facebook | Instagram]

Kayla Dutton – photo/video. Kayla grew up in Greece and has a passion for helping organizations with their storytelling. She recently was involved in producing a documentary about refugees in Greece and is interested in collaborating with organizations. She is a Moody graduate. [Facebook | Instagram | Web]

Meet Our Associates

Southeast Asia – Darin Dunn, videographer. Darin has been serving as a videographer for cross-cultural workers since 2004. Based in Thailand, Darin and his wife Staci have a passion for using media in helping cross-cultural workers communicate what is happening through their efforts. [Facebook]