Getting Conference Ready

Expat Media Pro really is a tribe. It is a group of faith-inspired creatives who want to make a difference in this life (and next), for a greater purpose than just making money for ‘the man’.

I know that resonates with a lot of folks because I am one of those folks. I interact all the time with those folks. And for a lot of people who feel like the talented misfits who think perhaps they don’t have a place in overseas work, this is the group that can help inspire, equip and place you!

This weekend I’ll be taking this banner below, in an 8-foot-tall variety, on the road to a student conference that seeks to inspire youth to serve using their passions in short and long term capacities with groups who do good all over the globe.

Let me know if you’d like some of these calling cards, in flyer size format, for your own church/school/group.

(Fun fact: the cartoons below are designed by one of our own, Ian Lammi!)

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