Using Handshake to Meet Uni Students

I’m not very old (says the guy in his 40s) but things have changed a lot from my university days in the 90s. I found my first job in media after watching a series of films in my geology class that I was impressed by. I had drawn up a list of places that I wouldn’t mind living in (Bowling Green, KY; Phoenix, AZ or Oregon for various reasons) then looked for media jobs that would fit my skillset.

After my wife’s (girlfriend at the time) grandmother flew us out to Mesa for winter break, that became a top pick so I applied and was conditionally accepted to start working for a Christian film producer who was entering the online world with an apologetics website that would bring together many of the major players who all aligned with a very specific set of faith beliefs. I was hired because I had done some HTML programming for Cedarville College, not because I had made some videos.

In today’s world online recruitment has become a major thing and I know of some great schools that would be a perfect fit for finding young people who want to make a difference. But my question has been how to link up with all these great schools?

Enter the Handshake app. They aim to “help all students find meaningful careers”.

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