Announcing, a place that links content creators with editors


“NGO” is a well-known acronym in the developing world or with anyone familiar with development. It stands for “Non Government Organization” which refers to independent nonprofits that mostly work in the social or political world to cause positive change in the regions where they work.

Quite a few of us associated with the Expat Media Pro network of independent creatives work in helping NGOs tell their stories. Part of our challenge in editing has come with trying to source footage from places overseas that are often not on the beaten track, so to speak. Traditional stock sites often don’t have what we are looking for and, if they do, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow for us to delve in to deeply to the video stock market.

But a lot of creators like us are already uploading our work to Vimeo and YouTube. What if there was a way to get buy-in from our network so we could simply scan through the media that we have uploaded and allow for easy engagement between editors and content creators?

That’s the idea behind

We could really use a LOT more footage to link to, so please put the word out to those who may want to participate.