Digital Download


It's your lucky day! Or maybe not, depending on what you like. Why? Because we're offering a free 80-page PDF book called Marketing Your Overseas Non-Profit: A Simple Guide for Expats, Not Experts, On Making and Using Media. 

The content in this book used to be covered through topical articles on this website, but those have since been removed now that it's all there in an easy-to-read (and take with you) version.

Please click here to find the online PDF version. Keep in mind this is a beta version, so I welcome feedback on errors that you find and notes on content that may be really great or horribly lacking.

Topics include the following:

  • Chapter 1 - Visual Media

    • tips on improving your photography

    • thoughts on gear

    • making friends through photography

    • creating compelling video

    • community-based filmmaking

    • making media with human dignity

  • Chapter 2 - Social Media

  • Chapter 3 - The Written Word

  • Chapter 4 - Mobile Tech

  • Chapter 5 - Presentations

  • Chapter 6 - What Expats Want