Media Share Project


Do you work with non-profits that are in pretty constant need of video footage from exotic spots on the map?

I know we do.

The problem is finding footage I can use to illustrate the story I’m trying to tell.

The solution?

What if we created a free members-only site where trusted friends from all over the world could upload their footage they take on their iPhones, tablets, Androids, DSLRs, etc.?

Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • We envision a place where we can find footage from Afghanistan, India, the Arab Gulf, Pakistan, etc. from a variety of normal people equipped with mobile devices or better.

  • The artists upload to a folder they are given access to

  • Someone checks out the footage and ensures the quality is good enough (and by good enough our standards are pretty low when we’re looking for anything).

  • Someone may edit the footage into a more concise offering, then add it to a collection broken down by country.

  • The artist retains the rights and works with the individual/group wishing to use the footage to determine if there is payment needed, security issues to be aware of, model releases available (if needed), etc.

  • Why not just use stock footage sites? True, there are many out there but the cost can be prohibitive and many times I can’t find anything usable on the specific location I want.

Want to be involved as an artist or user? Send us an email.