Mobile 10

This 10-part series is designed for overseas teams who wish to do a better job with media. Each video focuses on an aspect of mobile ministry and includes a video usually around five minutes or less. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each video to help teams lead discussion on how they can improve and adopt various aspects of media ministry. Produced by the Mobiles & Media Team.


Social Media in Ministry

Helping your team think about the role social media can play in church planting

Discussion questions:

  1. How do people we reach use social media? Think about platforms, access, time spent, and their goals.

  2. For those who are hungry spiritually, how do they access Scripture/sacred content in their own context? Do they watch videos of spiritual leaders, share memes, or create content to share?

  3. What would and would not be acceptable in a social media post communicating spiritual truth?

  4. Can you use Biblical quotes or point to content from their own sacred texts that lead them to Jesus or to get them thinking?

  5. Are there ideas you would want to avoid to limit online arguments or would a lively discussion be OK with your team?

Follow-up links


  2. Mobile Ministry Forum's "Social Media for Missions" guide

  3. Mobiles & Media social media training


Messaging in Ministry

How messaging or chat apps can help reach individuals (5:14)

Discussion questions:

  1. How are you using messaging apps?

  2. How do different faith communities around you use messaging apps?

  3. What kinds of groups are your local friends involved in?

  4. What kind of content do they share?

  5. Where do they find the content? (web link, a file on their phone?)

  6. When they share photos, do they edit them by adding text or emojis?

Follow-up links

  1. Mobile Ministry Forum's "Social Media for Missions" guide (chapter 5)


Media Sharing

Learn to use mobile devices that share gospel resources offline with various faith communities (7:31)

Discussion question:

  1. Which of these sharing methods would work well on your field?

Follow-up links

  1. Lightstream device from Renew World Outreach

  2. Biblebox

  3. ShareIt! app


Mobile & Social Media Security

Secure the data on personal mobile devices & use social media in strategic ways that won’t cause big trouble (4:30)

Discussion questions:

  1. Do you lock your mobile phone/computer?

  2. Can you turn off location-tracking on your apps?

  3. Does your team have a policy about social media use?

  4. Do you use any app-locking apps (ex. App Locker, App Vault, Secure Folder, KYMS, Gallery Lock Pro)?

  5. Do you install security patches and app updates regularly?

  6. Do you download only from the Google Play or iTunes store? In what cases would you ignore this general rule?

  7. Do you use two-factor authentication (Google, Facebook, Apple ID, etc.)?

  8. What are your thoughts on using a VPN? Is it highly rated or suspect?

  9. Do you use a password manager and choose strong passwords?

  10. Do you use anti-virus software and keep it up to date?


Local Media Habits

Learn how your people group(s) uses media and what they like (2:42)

Discussion questions:

  1. After looking at the top social media accounts, what surprises you?

  2. Are you familiar with some of these content creators or are most of them new to you?

  3. Do you see any themes that stand out?

Follow-up links

  1. Digital Ministry Atlas on the Mobile Ministry Forum website


Locating Gospel Media

Discover existing media in the languages of various faith communities you are reaching out to (2:42)

Discussion questions:

  1. After going through some of the resources mentioned in the video, did you make any surprising discoveries?

  2. Do you know of resources missing that you could tell Indigitous about?

  3. Do you know of other resource directories that we should know about?

Follow-up links

  1. Jesus Film website and app

  2. Gospel Media Resource Hub

  3. Create International app




Local Partnerships

Thinking more broadly about who you can work together with to form effective media strategies (3:45)

Discussion questions:

  1. How could you envision creating gospel-media in partnership with local believers?

  2. Who are the local believers you could approach first about making media?

  3. How can you involve your local network to craft an effective media strategy?

Follow-up links

  1. (learn how expat workers are partnering with national believers to create social media campaigns)

  2. The Risen Soldier

  3. 41 Short Training Lessons (for your team or national believers you are willing to partner with).


Scripture Access

Helping your team discover how and where to access digital versions of Scripture in the local languages you are using for ministry (4:44)

Discussion questions:

  1. If our team was no longer present, how would our audience gain access to Scripture in their language?

  2. How should Scripture access change in our context with access to new technology?

  3. What Scripture media (apps, websites, social media, audio, videos) exist in the language(s) of people we are reaching? (see "Locating Gospel Media" if you need help)

  4. What Scripture media doesn't exist that would be helpful?

Follow-up links




  4. YouVersion Bible apps


Communicating With Supporters

Helping you lay out some strategies for opening up your world more effectively to your prayer and financial supporters (4:23)

Discussion questions:

  1. What are you currently doing to communicate with supporters?

  2. How is that going for you?

  3. What do you want to do differently?

  4. Whose updates do you enjoy? Why? What formats are they using to communicate?


Dreaming Big

In this lesson we will help your team open up, or continue talking about what you could envision happening on a large scale (2:52)

Discussion questions:

  1. What has been on your heart to communicate with your host community?

  2. Which tools do you think will help?

  3. How can you make your dream a reality?

Follow-up links