Expat Media Pros

The following independent contractors have been cleared to raise funds and accept projects through Expat Media Pro.

Craig Forrest

TV Director/Speaker/Trainer/Documentary Filmmaker

Craig Forrest is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with extensive travel and professional experience. He is passionate about inspiring younger generations especially in developing nations to be equipped to use media well. Craig holds a Doctorate in Fine Arts (DFA) in redemptive filmmaking and a Masters of Arts in film studies. He is the founder of Matchstick Media. [LinkedIn | Web]

Ian Lammi


Ian grew up overseas in Turkey and in his early teen years was introduced to Japanese comics and animation known as manga and anime respectively. He worked at becoming a better artist and found he had a love for telling stories whether it be through comics, writing, or video. He has been working at perfecting his craft while also working on learning Japanese so that he can forward his goal of eventually getting his work published in Japan, a land he plans to live in for the next few years. When Ian is not working on comics or illustration he enjoys reading comics, playing board games with friends, and exploring nature.

Jacob Mau


Jacob is based in Chicago where he works with World Relief in refugee resettlement and social services. His podcast, Beyond Soundbites, tells the stories of those who have been forcibly displaced. [podcast | web]

James Taves


James studied digital film production at Grand Canyon University and desires to use his media skills to help tell the stories of those working cross-culturally in challenging circumstances around the globe. Growing up in Colorado blessed him with a sense for adventure, as he desires to be able to travel and tell any story he is called to. He has recently returned from Vanuatu where he has been working on a documentary project. [Facebook | Vimeo]

Kayla Newport


Kayla grew up in Greece and has a passion for helping organizations with their storytelling. She recently was involved in producing a documentary about refugees in Greece and is interested in collaborating with organizations. She is a Moody graduate and is married to Jonah. [Facebook | Instagram | web]

Tim Cowley

video/photo/social media/web

Tim is the founder of Expat Media Pro and spent 13 years working in sub saharan Africa in development and media. He now lives in Portland, Oregon and oversees Expat Media Pro. Tim is married to Brazilian-raised Naomi and they have 4 kids who consider themselves Mozambicans. He obtained a Masters of Arts in Digital Storytelling from Asbury University and is the author of Marketing Your Overseas Non-Profit. He continues to produce media and offers consultancy and ongoing retainer deals with groups who are looking for someone to help with their own social and visual media needs. His recent ongoing documentary film project is Sick in Africa. [Facebook | Instagram | about.me | web]

Advisory Board

Aside from the EMP’s listed above, the following person is a part of our advisory board:

Theresa Hodge



Theresa Hodge is a native Montanan who now finds herself living and working in Spain. Since earning her AA in Visual Communications Theresa spent 20 years as a graphic designer. She worked for advertising agencies and publications in both Montana and Arizona. For the past 7 years Theresa has been living and working in Spain. She has made the transition to filmmaking and is creating media for North Africa. Although she must work in all aspects of filmmaking she finds her passion in the roles of cinematographer and director of photography. When Theresa is not behind the camera for work you will find her rock climbing, hiking, or traveling with her photography camera in hand. Theresa’s passion is to see God’s beauty in all of His creation and to effectively communicate it to others. [Facebook | Instagram]


EMP Network

We can help refer you to dozens of faith-filled media professionals living around the world. Here are a few worth mentioning…

Darin Dunn


Darin from the U.S. lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He produces video materials for non-profit workers. [Facebook | web]