Tim Cowley

video/photo/social media/web


Tim is the founder of Expat Media Pro and spent 13 years working in sub saharan Africa in development and media. He now lives in Portland, Oregon and oversees Expat Media Pro. Tim is married to Brazilian-raised Naomi and they have 4 kids who consider themselves Mozambicans. He obtained a Masters of Arts in Digital Storytelling from Asbury University and is the author of Marketing Your Overseas Non-Profit. He continues to produce media and offers consultancy and ongoing retainer deals with groups who are looking for someone to help with their own social and visual media needs. His recent ongoing documentary film project is Sick in Africa.

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Tim has a superb ability to capture the human spirit in its best form through his work. By a use of light, color and creativity, he puts the viewer so close to the subject that you feel that you have actually met the people and traveled to the places. When you throw in his integrity and punctuality, you have a world-class product that all should seek to purchase.
— Dennis Holden, Holden & Holden Design

Wrote script, compiled (did not shoot) footage and edited final product.

Meet Bernad, an elderly Yawo man from northern Mozambique who suffers from a mysterious illness. Travel along with him as he searches for answers while navigating the health care system available to him in his rural African context. In Ciyawo with English subtitles. (Portuguese and German versions also available). (filmed/edited)

Edited this trailer/explainer video for a Biblically-based curriculum from PeacePursuit.org.